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Current Events – Youth Leadership Conference

Our Justice 4 All, Jr. Youth Leadership Conference was an overwhelming success!!

Over the long weekend of October 8-11th, 36 youth leaders aged 12-19 gathered together to engage in three days of fellowship, training, engagement and empowerment. Our hosts from Smart’s Woodland Terrace Kings in Training program led our leaders (8 of whom came in from Boston) as they joined forces to learn about history, civics, political action, health and wellness, along with building wealth, conflict resolution, education and career planning. 

They took a trip to Virginia to immerse themselves in a series of deeply moving educational experiences including tracing the steps of ancestors on the Trail of Enslaved Africans, participating in a libation ceremony on the shores where the first Africans arrived in 1619, and learning about brave and daring escapes such as that of Henry “Box” Brown.

I am so proud of our young leaders for stepping confidently into their greatness to prove to the world that they are indeed Smart from the Start, and more than ready to tackle the challenges of their communities and the world!


Justice 4 All is a family-driven, grass roots initiative that believes our strength lies in our diversity and in our sheer determination to create a more just society for ourselves and our children.

Through the pillars of Policy Change, Empowerment, Advocacy and Disrupt & Dismantle, Justice 4 All seeks to promote justice and equality through systemic change and by engaging and empowering those in our community to call out and resist racial injustice where they see it, while actively contributing to the creation of an equitable society that uplifts all people.

Justice 4 All has joined the worldwide movement to unite people of all backgrounds committed to social justice to advance our mission and to realize the promise of America for young children and families.

Justice 4 All Junior advances the mission of Justice 4 All with a special focus on lifting the voices of young leaders and mobilizing the collective power of the youth in our communities. Comprised of Smart siblings and young family members, Justice 4 All Junior engages in workshops, training and educational programs to build capacity, hone leadership skills, promote safety, and inform and drive policy change.



Empower families by providing strength-based, confidence-building training and leadership development, to forcefully and effectively stand up for themselves and their communities in the face of systemic racism.


Support families who are experiencing racial discrimination and create opportunities for empowered leaders and team members to advocate within, and provide training/guidance to, agencies and systems by raising the voices of our community.

Policy Change

End racial injustice and structural inequities through the advancement of progressive policy change in the arenas of education, criminal justice, health care, housing, child welfare, and employment.

Disrupt & Dismantle

Identify and confront specific issues, policies, and injustices that contribute to and perpetuate the cradle to prison.


Check out the videos below which showcase our 2021 Pilgrimage as well as an incredible video from YelloPain about voting!


A series of facilitated events, workshops and discussions that bring together various communities, populations and perspectives to learn and grow together while encouraging dialogue to promote greater understanding and unity. Justice 4 All initiates conversation between groups who ordinarily would not communicate, to encourage empathy, inspire partnerships and collaborative problem solving.

Justice 4 All, Jr.

Justice 4 All, Jr. focuses on lifting the voices of young leaders and mobilizing the collective power of the youth in our communities with the support of caring adults. Comprised of Smart graduates, siblings and young family members, Justice 4 All, Jr. engages youth in workshops, training and educational programs to build capacity, hone leadership skills in an effort to inform and drive change on multiple levels.


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