Promoting the Healthy Development of Children & Families

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For Children

Programming for children birth to five has been designed to equip children from low- income communities with the cognitive, language, physical, and social/emotional assets that facilitate school and life success.  Programming and support for school-aged children, tweens, and teens are also offered at Smart sites.

For Families

Smart addresses the needs of every member of the family. Smart recognizes and builds on caregivers’ strengths. Caregivers have access to crisis intervention and family stabilization services. They are encouraged to set long- and short-term goals to improve their economic status and to overcome social challenges. Opportunities to enroll in adult education and career exploration programming are open to all Smart caregivers.

For Communities

Our community-based work is designed to improve families’ access to, and use of, existing community services, while also ensuring the highest-quality services through close partnerships with other agencies. The Smart model works to engage and enlist the support of both formal and informal stakeholders, business proprietors, and other community-support agencies.

Our Vision:

Smart envisions a world where every young child feels safe, secure and loved; has their basic needs for healthy food, warm clothing, secure housing and safe neighborhoods met. We work toward a day where every child, regardless of what they look like, who their parents are or where they live, has access to high quality, fun, enriching education that honors and celebrates their diversity, making it possible for them to fulfill their greatest potential and to realize their dreams.

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Meet Antwon

Antwon was the first person we met in Woodland Terrace. We met Antwon just as he was returning to the community and recruited him to help us build Smart from the ground up. Antwon now works for Smart full-time and is a tireless advocate for his community. He has traveled with Smart to present at conferences all across the United States and is the father of three beautiful children. 


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